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A(rchitec)ture or A(dven)ture

A(rchitec)ture or A(dven)ture

There were times when I wondered if I picked the wrong career path, then there were the other times I love so much what I do from 9-5. Can 2 passions balance themselves, neutralize, and stay happily ever after, or are they fighting an invisible war and one will eventually win? I am still trying to figure out.

Architecture has been in my life for 11 years since school (I got into it by luck, and in the last minute, till today I am thankful for that miracle) and has been a monumental stabiliser for me, in all aspects. I have grown to love it and embrace all the joy and pain it brings me through the years. I like to think I am also very good at what I do, which is only fair considering how much physical and mental effort I have invested in it.

So I used to think ‘this is it, this is going to be my life’. Then a series of things happened in a short span of one year:

I got a life changing adventure in Iceland:

then I got addicted to rock climb:  

then I got a bad travel bug and missed Iceland so much, I went to hike the mountains in Japan:

then climbed the mountain in Malaysia:

then climbed the mountain in Indonesia and hiked in Thailand:  

then both my partner and I made a huge decision to quit our jobs (!!!!) and bought our one-way-tickets to Nepal, we then trekked through the Himalayas, Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit, then we climbed a 6200m peak just because we really, really wished to,  we then went volunteering in a farm in an isolated farm in Nepal because we did not want to go home yet.

That’s when we both realised, this obsession is real, we are in love with mountains.

I have not mentioned that I am from Singapore, a small first-world country with a jungle of concrete. Nature and adventure was a concept far away for me since young and my teenage years were revolved around shopping and nightlife. I had my entire career built in Singapore, albeit not too long, but definitely looked bright, my quitting was a shock to many people including my close friends and superiors in my previous firm who thought as ‘such a pity’. I had no regret leaving, I had to get out of Singapore, and that was exactly what we did.

My love for architecture helps me in the making of my adventure dreams a reality, and my adventures inspire me to be better at what I do as an architect or as a human being in general. I have so many unfulfilled dreams together with my partner Reuben, the list goes on as fast as it being checked off. The next milestone is definitely to climb 3 more Peaks in Nepal, and eventually climbing our first 8000m peak, Cho Oyu (5th highest mountain in the world). These goals motivate and excite me, even the act of writing them down makes my heart beat faster.

Now we are happily settled in New Zealand. While doing my best at my current wonderful architectural company in New Zealand, we are making much plans in parallel to push towards our climbing goals. See our on going NZ adventures HERE!

However, I have not stopped thinking about how to merge these two totally different ideas and how they can complement each other:

1: Using my skills to help in city rebuilds around the world: Volunteering in Nepal rebuilding is still very much in our to-do list

2: Set up itineraries based on Architectural inspirations: This I meant more like architectures like the Ion Adventure Hotel in Iceland, or Lamp No Yado in Japan, or architectures that allow or require us to go on an adventure in order to get to them

3: Be an Architect on-the-go: I will need to be my own boss, and be successful.

4: Architecture and Nature, Nature and Adventure? A subtly strong link that is unbroken.

if you have an interesting idea to propose, I would love a listen!